Free Web Design Resources & Tools

Wide collection of the best free web design & graphic design resources from around the web. A great reference of tools and inspiration for web designers and graphic designers.



Design Elements & Things to Look Into (Things you can for for free)

• Design ideas – magazine layouts – font combinations

• Shapes – textures – decorative lines

• Icons (flat ui, material design, skeumorphic)

• .abr / photoshop brushes

• .csh / photoshop shapes

• .asl / photoshop actions

• .pat / photoshop patterns

• Vector Icons

• Vector shapes

•• Textures

• Seamless patterns

• Ribbons, borders, edges (deviant art)

• Ornamental vines, frames

• Grunge style

• Zig zag border

• Stitching fabric textures

• Waves

• Shapes combined with icons or letters (for simple logos)

• Ropes, chains, lace

• Photoshop (image into pencil drawing, painting)

• Illustrator (image silhouette)


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